Tuesday, September 11, 2012

puppy fever update

i am so insanely excited to say that the liter of puppies i'm reserved under was born on september 1st! they are the cutest little things i've ever seen... 6 males, 1 female. luckily, i reserved a spot for a little boy so it sounds like i have some options. here's their newborn photo :)

i kind of already love the one in front - seems like he's just doing his own thing, leading the pack. but then how much do you love that one on the very end? just wanting in on the slumber party. it'll be interesting to get updates on their personalities in the coming weeks, and to see more photos of them as they grow. come 6 weeks, we're able to take them home! i'll post more photos as they come :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

my best friend's wedding

jenn got married. we cried and laughed. i danced and loved on my guy and my friends. we soaked up every single second and felt grateful to have all of the friends we love under the same roof. within arms reach. it was a fun day, and i was happy to snap a few photos of jenn getting ready in the morning.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

lavender birthdays

yesterday was amazing in every sense of the word. seriously. it was such a realxing, calm day. as i told you over here on yesterday's post, i woke up to so much love around me. trent was next to me (well, aside from when he snuck out of bed to go get me some of my favorite oatmeal pecan whole grain pancakes from lulu belles) ;) and my roommate was hustling around the apartment putting together the sweetest bouquet of flowers and picking up my favorite vegan cupcakes from sensational bites. 

i waited to open up the gift from my roommate until i had woken up a bit through a skype call with my parents who are in spain. it was the first year away from them on my actual birthday, so that was a little strange, and i'm not sure it's something i'd like to get used to ;) they're the ones that brought me here, after all. it only feels natural to celebrate with them close by.  we had done a little lunch and birthday gift exchange over at northwestern hospital last week before they left while my dad was getting some treatment for his cancer.  i had always vocalized that i wanted a charm bracelet since i was super young- something about each charm representing something significant just makes me think they're dreamy.  so finally, at age 27, they caved and bought me a trollbeads charm bracelet (similar to pandoras) - i absolutely love it. it's perfect.

the rest of the day as i said was really calm. a lot of sweet birthday phone calls and texts flying in, i took a bike ride around the neighborhood for a bit and then came home to clean and do some laundry. oddly enough, these two things make me super happy. nothing better than a clean house ;)  by the time i was finished, one of my best friends was on her way over to hang before we met up with some of our other girls for a happy birthday happy hour at bul eh dia's down the block.  it's this amazing spanish tapas restaurant that has killer mango and peach sangria, and even better food.  trent had law classes all day, so i wasn't going to be seeing him til around 9:30. he swooped me up and took me over to perennial virant connected to hotel lincoln. it was amazing - everything is fresh and local, and at the end of the dinner, the waiter brought over a white plate with chocolate syrup spelling out "happy birthday" with crushed toffee and 2 pieces of caramel. perfect.  trent was beyond anything i could have imagined - so sweet and accomodating even after a seriously long day of classes, and he put on my wrist the most gorgeous michael kors watch. and as much as i love it, the guy who put it there trumps everything.

after dinner, we headed over to the james hotel to stay the night. i'm obsessed with this place. the rooms are incredible, and every bit of what i hope my future home will look like. so fresh and clean, modern yet rustic. just... yes please.  as we walked in, there was a bottle of champagne and some chocolate cake pops with raspberries. as if this day couldn't get any better ;)  it was so strange waking up this morning. not that i ever really put that much hype on my birthday, but the next day is always a bit erie. you have to remind yourself that you're now a different age. it's like after the new year and you have to prep yourself to write the correct year on your checks.  it's an adjustment, and so far i have zero complaints. (other than my multiple complains to my sweet friend molly about getting my cardio back in check. i've been a lazy lady!)  anyway - thank you to all of you for your social media love. enjoy some photos from yesterday below. there isn't much (i know, i'm the WORST at taking pictures of my personal life... this is my birthday resolution) but there are a few :)

flowers and gift from the roommate. she's too good. 
lavender cream candle... alongside some other amazing lavender things. she knows me well ;)  relaxing lavender bar soap, lavender oil, and lavender bath salts. 

 one of my best friends, molly, introduced me to this body media arm band. since she did, i've been begging her for one! it's amazing - it tracks how many calories you've burned throughout the day, your sleep cycle and how many hours you're getting, etc. super excited to start using this. (not photographed: the darling little sack she had monogramed with my name on it, which comes with the cutest little cutting board, cheese knife and wine opener, and she threw in our favorite kind of wine. i love her.)
a couple of instagram photos...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


today, i'm 27.

i have no complaints. zero! i promise i'm not here to whine about how i'm three years away from 30 (which i hear is fabulous) but rather i'll just give a short little excerpt on how lucky i feel.

it's 10am, and already i've been faced with amazing birthday pancakes, gorgeous snap dragons and sunflowers, lavender products for days, and my favorite vegan cupcakes from sensational bites.  my parents have called all the way from spain spending what was probably $800 on a single birthday phone call. my sister sent through photos of my sweet little nephew in the middle of a belly laugh. i woke up next to the person i love. it's been an amazing hour that i've been awake, and i've still got quite a few in front of me to celebrate.  i'll be sharing more from the day tomorrow, so stay tuned :)

and thank you for all of the (sweet, sweet) love.  my cup runneth over.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

my little lunch

lately, i've been getting back on the health bandwagon. my roommate is amazing at pre-lunching - she grocery shops for the week, and then plans her lunches ahead of time. although she's in a different situation than i am since she works at an office, while i'm at home during lunch, i've still found that this works really well for me.

the other thing? i actually hate lunch at home. i think it's boring, and i'm generally pretty uninspired with all things lunch. so i decided to put together a little random plate so it feels more like i'm snacking rather than lunching ;)

bing cherries, vegan black pepper turkey with jalapeno hummus, hardboiled egg (not necessarily vegan but it's one of my favorite cheats ;) organic grapes, half of an avacado, homemade lavender lemonade.

little side fresh spinach salad with dried cranberries and light balsamic.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

diy | bedroom shelves

when i first moved into my new place in lakeview, i had such a visual in mind for what i wanted my bedroom space to be like - i wanted it fresh and airy, personal and simplistic. and much to my surprise, i made it happen. with all of the light blues and green glass with touches of mirrored silver, putting things on my bright white walls made me a little anxious. i kept thinking "clutter" - but the truth is, adding shelves onto my wall have been a great way to showcase my little vintage camera collection while still keeping it simple, and having the opportunity to add in those pops of green glass and silver.

our walls are pretty much dry wall, so the minute you try to drill anything into them, it crumbles.  the issue we ran into on this wall, was drilling straight into brick. somehow, by the grace of my dad's handyman ways, he was able to make it happen.

i found these vintage soda cartons from one of my favorite antique shops, up in the attic.  they were originally of a kraft cardboard hue, and i knew immediately i wanted them to be white.  maybe not stark white, but white. so i took them out onto our patio and spray painted form a distance.  ta-da.. this was the turnout. so happy with it.

i didn't want to choose sides, so i bought a 7 up one and a Pepsi one ;) 

the other good things about using soda cartons as shelving units is that that are super sturdy and can withstand a great amount of weight.  that book you see? that alone weighs about 4 pounds, not including all of the heavy antique cameras.

the drill screws fit perfectly in between the carton lines.  hopefully this helps any of you who have been looking for something a little different to display some sort of collection, your books, etc.

Monday, August 27, 2012

the worst haircut ever...

this, is priceless.  i can't even stand it.  i've been laughing for hours listening to these two little girls. i found this on rockstair diaries blog and i'm so glad i did. i had to share it with all of you.

enjoy :)

*footnote: this is just a screenshot of the audio clip. click on the link above in the paragraph to hear the goodness for yourselves!